Matthew Glenn

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Matthew Glenn is an skilled education leader with over 20 years’ experience in the state sector, working in high performing schools in central London. A graduate of Durham University, he worked as a music teacher, Director of Music and as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST). At the St. Marylebone School from 2004-2014, he worked extensively with primary and secondary schools and education authorities, national music organisations and arts venues, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra and BBC Singers, (Royal Academy of Music, Wigmore Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Royal College of Music).

As Music consultant for Westminster Authority he worked with 50 Primary schools to develop music programmes to engage children in meaningful music education. For the past 12 years he worked as part of a dynamic senior leadership team, delivering high quality teaching and learning and professional development opportunities for teachers and led the set-up of a new free secondary school. He is now Principal of an all through school, providing education for children aged 3 – 18 in North London.

Consultant Skills:

Course Design, Timetabling and Monitoring:

  • GCSE or A level course design, tailored to school needs
  • Timetabling course and agreed scheduling with subject teachers
  • Monitoring of writing and delivery of schemes of work and lesson plans

Online Student Review and Feedback: bi-monthly    

  • Student review of composition and performance (these are loaded to dropbox and reviewed comprehensively)
  • Google doc tracking: individual comments including grading and feed forward information
  • Generic feedback email to students

Skype Support with Course Leader/Exams Officer: weekly

  • Supporting course leader with running the first year of GCSE and/or A Level, staff liaison, tracking and feedback to teachers and students
  • Course administration, including exam delivery, timetabling and student exam entries with exams officer.

Feedback and mentoring with Subject Teachers: weekly

  • Supporting subject teachers with writing schemes of work and lesson plans
  • Monitoring the delivery of schemes of work and lesson plans
  • Staff development to ensure happy and constructive working environment

Advertising, recruitment and interviewing new staff: Annual

  • Writing, advertising and interviewing suitable job descriptions
  • Recruiting through own contacts and TES
  • Interviewing candidates and liaising with subject staff on suitability
  • Inducting new staff to school teaching and learning protocols and principles