在中国,对于国际课程框架下,提供易于开展的跨文化的专业持续的教师培训的需求非常明显。UKES是一家跨文化的培训机构,懂得如何为中西方教学工作者提供易于开展的规划、教学、学习和考核过程培训,确保学习IGCSE, IAL和BTEC的中国学生取得学术上的成功。




There is significant demand for accessible and culturally sensitive ongoing professional development and training for teachers delivering international curricula in China. UKES is a gold standard training provider that understands how to bridge these cultural gaps and to intelligently train Western and local teachers to produce accessible planning, teaching, learning and assessment materials that ensure the success of Chinese students who are studying IGCSEs, IALs and BTEC international qualifications.

UKES is made up of a close knit family of UK trainers with between 20 - 35 years experience working as examiners and teachers of UK exam specifications (Pearson/CIE/AQA). The UKES training formula places the trainees needs at the centre of the training, so each trainee may get the help they need to translate western methods of creative problem solving and higher order thinking into teaching and learning materials, ensuring that Chinese students are given every opportunity to fully meet the UK examination assessment criteria and achieve the best examination results.

UKES training sessions are cost-effective and are delivered in English and Mandarin to ensure that the events are accessible to all.