1. 更低的成本- 建立可成功执行英国资格课程的更专业本土教师团队,减少因聘用外籍员工产生的高额成本

  2. 更高的品牌- 成为超级学校联盟成员,提升学校品牌及在英国高校的知名度

  3. 更好的招生- 作为超级学校联盟成员,获得更多的市场口碑和学生

  4. 更优的成绩- L2: 100% 及格与优秀 / A Level 100% A-C

  5. 更多的选择- 灵活的服务包,可根据需要选择适合的套餐包(特级、升级金、金、银、铜)及专家顾问

  6. 更细的支持- 经济有效的师生支持比率:1: 2 专家顾问/教师 1/20 专家顾问/学生



Overview of UKES Consultancy Business Model for Chinese International Schools:


  1. Overall reduction of staff cost - Build a more professional Chinese teaching team who can successfully deliver UK qualifications while cutting down on Western teacher staff costs

  2. Becoming part of the Superschools network that will raise the profile of your school in China and with universities in the UK.

  3. Recruitment - being a Superschool will bring more students to your courses as your reputation builds.

  4. Better results - L2: 100% Pass to Distinction/A Level 100% A-C

  5. Flexible school consultant packages to suit the needs of your school: Platinum, Gold +, Gold, Silver and Bronze with flexible consultant support options during term time.

  6. Cost effective training and student support ratio: 1: 2 consultant/teachers 1/20 consultant/students